Welcome to the law firm of Robert A. Levine.  I am a graduate of Dartmouth College '84 and the University of Maine School of Law '88. I began my solo practice directly out of law school handling court appointed criminal law cases, and have expanded my practice to assist those in need with family law issues, Social Security disability concerns, and personal injury cases.

Over 20 years in practice.

I have been fortunate to have practiced since 1988, and to have gained a reputation for excellence.  I consider it an honor to practice law, to tell the stories of my clients, to speak truth to power, and to help people in trouble. I would be happy to offer you a free consultation to see if I can be of service to your cause.

Winner of the Unsung Hero award.

Recently, I was honored to be awarded the "Unsung Hero" award by the Maine Association of Criminal Defense lawyers, for my years of service to the cause of indigent defense.

Se habla Español.

In 1982, while in college, I lived in Spain with a Spanish speaking family.  Not only did I gain fluency in the language, I also fell in love with the culture and history of Salamanca.  To this day, I have fond memories of friends I met and a deep appreciation for the plight of a foreigner in a foreign land. Learning the language is the first step toward gaining a foothold in a foreign country, and my Spanish speaking clients understand that.  At the same time, they appreciate being able to communicate "en Español," breaking down barriers that otherwise hinder communication and understanding.

Expert Representation

Criminal Law

Family Law & Divorce

Social Security Disability

Personal Injury

Please contact our office for a free, confidential initial consultation to discuss your case at: 207.871.0036 or toll free in Maine: 1.888.755.9688. If you prefer to email, my address is: ralevine@maine.rr.com

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